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The act of an individual sneakily tapping a male in inappropriate places of the body such as the crotch area, the butt, and the nipples, while the male who is being touched is unaware that he is about to be nazoed.

Some variations are

1) Projectile nazo- when one throws a projectile object at another and hits them in the crotch.
2) Virtual nazo- when one nazos an image; for example, on television, a computer screen, a book, magazine, or a picture.
3) Double nazo- when one nazos another in more ways than one at the same instant, such as nazoing the crotch and the butt at the same time.
4) Nature's nazo- the act of being nazoed by inanimate objects.
5) Gang nazo- when a group of people nazo someone at one time.
6) Naughty nazo- the act of being nazoed by a partner during sexual activity.
7) Accidental nazo- the act of being nazoed accidentally or by coincidence, unintentionally.
8) Blue nazo- when a male gets blue balls as a result of being nazoed.
9) Dangerous nazo- when one gets hurt or injured after being nazoed.
10) Mutual nazo- when two people nazo each other at the same time
11) Nazo block- when two hands hit each other in an effort to nazo the other person
12) Nazo rejection- when an odd or lonely person is willing and wants to be nazoed and the nazoer decides to not nazo that individual.
13) Atomic nazo- when one nazos another with a private or unusual area of their body
14) Death by nazo- when one dies as a result of being nazoed.
Steely Phil really got me good with that unexpected nazo he gave me!
by Richard Feiler October 19, 2009

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