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The sexual version of the widely popular childhood game, "peek-a-boo".

Dick-a-boo involves at least two participants, male or female. Simply, this is

when you tease your partner(s) with your midsection by having them stare towards

the direction of your genitals and say "dick" shortly before you quickly, but

cautiously, unzip your pants and allow your erection to penetrate the opening of

your pants and startle your partner. This sexual game is not recommended for

males with a below average sized penis, as the startle factor greatly reduces

with penis size.
Although Barbie and Ken played dick-a-boo before the commercial shoot, Barbie

was able to maintain her composure after being startled by Ken's enormous

plastic erection bursting through the opening of his unzipped pants.
by Richard A. Boo March 13, 2010

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