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Furries are simply a group of ironicly humanistic people that enjoy animals and anthropomorphic art and litteature. Many are artists and writers themselves and I personaly hope they live on to bring new ideas to modern culture as it desperately needs them.

Socially speaking, Furries are generaly more liberal then you would expect. So you come across a lot of things that would shock most people... things like erotic art (yiff), gays and straight people acutally getting along, and a general acceptance of different religions including paganism, atheism, and yes even Christianity. Because of this, furries are subject to a lot of "trolling" on the internet and even by media in a few instances. This has made several, especially young, furs self-conscious and has led to the stereotype of having a persecution complex.

Most of the furs I know are over that, most attempts of "fur-bashing" are laughable at best. And in the end the only real threat to the fandom is on the internet... big deal right? And all the things that are "wrong" with the fandom are almost part of it's charm, if that makes any kind of sense.
furry is fun, lighten up :3
by Richard, Rimpala, Thomas April 19, 2006
A person who is not only proud to be liberal, but represents everything the far-right seem to be against, especially if you are non-white, non-christian, gay/lesbian, or a combination of all of those, or you associate with them.

"Liberal bastard" may sound like a degrading term, but it's not. Basicly it means you're proud to be open-minded and don't give a shit about what others may think.
Bigot: Stupid fags are the cause of everything wrong with America.
Liberal Bastard: Gee thanks I'm gay
Bigot: I bet you're some nigga too
Liberal Bastard: Acutally no
Bigot: Ok then
Liberal Bastard: But my boyfriend is
Bigot: ...
by Richard, Rimpala, Thomas April 19, 2006

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