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1 definition by Rhymesayers alive in 05

Where rich kids come to have a good time and waste their parents' money for up to six years. Located in the wealthy area around University Park and Highland Park, students quickly learn the first day that the cops here are not just racist but they think everyone is a criminal. If you go jogging in the neighborhoods surrounding campus wearing a hooded sweatshirt, expect to be held at gunpoint by an overzealous fat, redneck version of Walker Texas Ranger.

You can always find a party here. You can always get date raped at your leisure too, just drop by the FIJI, Pike or SAE houses. A vagina is not a pre-requisite, all the guys are nice enough not to discriminate in their roofie-sniping.

We are all cocky here. It doesn't matter if you are a millionaire at age 18, you still suck. You drive a BMW do you? Well I own five.

Oh great, we are most likely going to have the most substandard president in history's presidential library here. Real estate values will drop, SAT median scores of freshmen will drop and professors will actually join the Republican party. The only thing that could be worse for this campus than W's library would be having a FIJI president of the university...oh wait, nevermind.
Male 1: "I went to a party at the FIJI house, blacked out after one beer and now I am HIV+"
Male 2: "Dude, you just got smuOWNED!"

Ever wonder where your $40,000 a year goes? Look at the brand new football uniforms for our wonderful team - then look at Boaz Hall. Yeah, our money is going to all of the right places.
by Rhymesayers alive in 05 September 15, 2005