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An endangered species on the planet Tatooine, in the film 'Star Wars.' The protagonist brags later in the film about killing the animals with his 'T-16.' They are not much bigger than two meters. By end of episode six, the womprat species had declined to 2 per square kilometer. They once ruled the Jundland Wastes, and now thanks to Luke Skywalker and his gang of hoodlum rednecks, they have been decimated.
I used to bullseye womprats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than two meters.
by Rhea Maxmood February 08, 2009
A girl who has moved in with a guy because he owns property, plays around the house outside, and trolls on the internet for people to listen to her tripe about 'living outdoors' and 'becoming self-sufficient' when this guy is not at home. Because after all, she is 'totally self-sufficient' pays no rent, works part-time, and lays about, and plays on the computer most of the day.
Homestead Provacateur showed us how to make sundried tomatoes while her dupe wasn't around.
by Rhea Maxmood January 30, 2009
In the year 2027, machines have taken over the earth. The Transforminators were manufactured to compete with both the Terminators and the Transformers. Their first appearance was in "Terminator Salvation" as giant-robot Terminators, and motorcycles. Later they would emerge as a childrens television show in the year 2010. A robotics engineer who is very fond of sci-fi, had a realization while eating jello, and remembered the cartoon. Chiao Mojibwa set out to engineer the very first 'Transforminator' and succeeded in the year 2012. This 'transforminator' then went berzerk in late November of '12, and started a holocaust against mankind. The rest as they say, is history, unless of course, you are John Titor.
The Transforminators are fun shape-changing killing machines, part transformer, part terminator, all hell!
by Rhea Maxmood February 06, 2009
Television program that began a few years ago, that people watch as if they were addicted to crack cocaine. The first two or three episodes were very well done, and then they hired chimps and orangutans to write from there on out. The structure of the show follows no coherent logic whatsoever, and any time a continuity error is made, everything is explained as 'time travel' and 'flashbacks' and new subplots are introduced to buy time to figure out how the hell to explain it all. The show is appropriately named "Lost" because anyone trying to figure out what the hell is going on will become lost. Also, if you sat down to watch the entire episode, an Hour of your time would be "Lost" forever. 4 seasons into the show and they still haven't explained anything, yet they have managed to introduce 742 new subplots which they will never be able to explain by the time they cancel the show. You're a fool if you watch the show, ever expecting any answers.
"I sat down to watch Lost and before I knew it chimps and orangutans stole an hour of my life."
by Rhea Maxmood January 30, 2009

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