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A person on facebook who goes to ALL your friends and befriends them. You notice this when suddenly he or she has 36 friends in common and you don't even know the person!
I noticed that Matthew stole all my buds on facebook what a facebook friend stealer and asshole.
by Rey The Word Creator February 23, 2011
A person who operates your handheld device while you are driving or otherwise incapacitated.
My girl Nena is my Textratary when we go on road trips. She's awesome! I can keep up with all my texts while I'm driving! I love multitasking!
by Rey The Word Creator October 28, 2010
Really stinky smell or odor. An unsuspecting weapon subjected to by your friend or family member.
Holy shit those runners of Mark's are funkacide man... Let's open the windows... quick!
by Rey The Word Creator November 16, 2010
A man or woman who has mastered the art of floating in water and flirting at the same time. A true multi-tasker in the ways of mating.

A very sexy floater.
Woman 1: whoa did you see that guy!
Woman 2: Man I did! He's got the hair, the equipment... He is so floatatious! I could jump his bones right here in the pool!
Woman 2: whoa girl they'll bar us from this pool with talk like that!
by Rey The Word Creator December 13, 2010
A partner-in-sex. A mate distinctly only for sex. A fuck-buddy.
Sabrina: Why are you hitting on me you have a girlfriend asshole!
Me: Sabrina she's not my girlfriend! She's my sexmate!
by Rey The Word Creator November 20, 2010
Those goofy folks who wear socks with sandals of all persuasions. Even in the dead of winter--so lame! The ones who wear thermal socks with their sandals are the most lame asses!
Hey look at that hippie chick she's so birkensock today! Man I don't now how she's walking through the snow like that?
by Rey The Word Creator October 28, 2010
A wild and raucous birthday celebration. You do not necessarily need to wear tie-dyed clothing though.

You are normally a suit & tie kind of person and this is the birthday where you let your freak flag fly!
Hippie Birthday Girl now take that aquarium off your head or the fish are going to die!
by Rey The Word Creator November 16, 2010

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