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2 definitions by Rey Del Fuego

a large, cheesy grin on a person, similar to the one the Kool-Aid man has in the commercial. A Kool-Aid Smile is usually seen when a person has accomplished a major feat or task, or something extraordinarily good happens to that person.
Ryan walked out of her house with a big ass Kool-Aid smile on his face.
by Rey Del Fuego November 11, 2007
62 19
verb. to unsuspectingly dominate or take control of someone, something, or a certain situation. for added effect, the performer can call out "boss hogg!" to the victim, who will usually quickly and quietly accept defeat.
Rich: Hey, dude, what are you doing, I was watching that!

Ryan: Boss hogg, bitch. Now go fix me a sandwich.

Rich: Yes sir.

by Rey Del Fuego November 14, 2007
37 14