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The relative speed and capacity at which one can comprehend, analyze, and utilize data.
Intelligence pales in comparrison to self-discipline and determination.
by Revy D. Bishop September 02, 2006
The sexual act executed during climax in which the male individual ejaculates on the female's posterior (after disengaging from the doggy-style position), and as the female assumes their sexual excursion has been completed and turns her head around to deliver verbal gratification, the male individual expectorates in the female's face. This is the opposite of the Zombie.

Word Of Warning.
Before executing this act, one must realise that the 'Reverse Zombie' can be sometimes misinterpreted as a sign of female subordination.
She got too used to the Zombie so I had to pull a Reverse Zombie to keep things spicy in the sac. Yeah, I did it for her.
by Revy D. Bishop September 02, 2006
To Trolly:

The act of copulating in a strictly lustful sense.
Man, that chick's a fox! I sure wish I could trolly that!
by Revy D. Bishop September 02, 2006
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