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colpo: A case or instance where someone posts false or erroneous information in articles or blogs on the internet. A fake, a phony.

Like "a Troll" but a troll posts junk on other people's chat boards, a colpo *owns* the site where they post the rubbish, thus they cannot be banned, also they may have gotten a dubious publisher or even home-published an entire book full of it. The difference is a 'phony colpo' uses fake scientific-looking studies & may even sport a phony BS or PhD college degree, but it's nearly all fraudulent. A "phony colpo" is a "Dr. IM Troll, B.S., RD, or PhD, Esquire"

It's often someone who is unqualified but purports to be knowledgeable on some topic such as health, nutrition, paleo, diets, crossfit or personal training and will cite skewed studies & then doctor them up convincingly in order to dupe the public.

It often involves using unscientific anecdotes, debunked hypotheses, and fringe conspiracy theories to help cover lies up when their incorrect information is exposed. For example, if you see excuses such as they are the 'only ones' who know this, or somebody like 'they' (whoever 'they' are), the government, or 'the mainstream', or big-something, are trying to 'hide the truth' from you, it's all an effort to get you to believe in their scheme. The crucial part is that they are posting fake information trumped up with lots of false yet 'scientific looking' articles and citing studies in order to appear scientific, but it's all false. A fraud.
(Colpo is derived from the words "cow poo" ...as in something or someone who is "Full of it.")

Also known as a "phony colpo". A crank, intentional hoax spreader, a charlatan.

"BS! FactCheck found that this nutrition Book is full of colpo!"
"I smell lots of colpo in this cholesterol article."
"According to Snopes, anthony's article is a phony colpo."
"Some user posted that piece of colpo all over the diet Discussion Forums."
"He was caught pulling a fitness phony colpo."

Scenario: Somebody posts an internet blog article that says eating loads of cholesterol or saturated fat won't hurt you and lard is great for your heart.

A Commenter named Loren says: "Oh, sheesh, his science is all false, he's just lying to unload his own gravely flawed books, what a full load of colpo."

colpo : a phony, scam, snake-oil barker, health fraud, quack. Also see confusionist , BroScience or pseudo-science
by Review Committee November 11, 2012

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A Kettle-Purse is the KettleBell used in Crossfit.

Crossfit is a type of exercise system like p90x or zumba dance, but Crossfit has become the laughing-stock of the entire internet, in large part because they often follow a now debunked Paleo Diet. (Put "CROSSFIT FAIL" in Google to See this embarassing fitness group.)

Cross-Fit uses a variety of poor 'fitness' techniques that range from the useless to the dangerous to silly, effeminate, and totally ridiculous. One type of exercise in Crossfit involves swinging an iron weight which is shaped like a 'hanging ball' with a loop handle on it. Crossfitters call this a kettlebell from the russian, but now the whole rest of the fitness world is calling this thing a KETTLE-PURSE because it looks like crossfit guys are carrying a tiny feminine woman's Purse.

Crossfit has now made it look like men are exercising while holding a little ladies purse. " KETTLEPURSE "
- "Oh, god, not another Crossfit class." -- "How can you tell it's Crossfit?" - "Because all the guys are carrying their KettlePurses, and also because of the paleo diet body odor."

- Grok signed up for Crossfit, he thought he was exercising like a caveman, but little did he know, to the public he looked like an unfit guy swinging a little woman's kettle purse. And his paleolithic grok logo looks like a caveman who is wearing a Skirt."

- "Instead of using a barbell, crossfit men use a little weight called a KettlePurse, making them look more like a Dumbbell."

- "The KettlePurse ... like it's already-debunked paleo diet, yet another Crossfit Fitness Failure."

- Nobody builds muscle from Planking, much less butterfly pullups, or swinging around a girly kettle-purse, making Crossfit now the embarassment of the exercise world.
by Review Committee October 23, 2012

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