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Any person who is Muslim or of middle-eastern descent.

(From Team America World Police, To the real world)

They are prone to anger, fear, hatred, and feeling like you are blaming them, but also they are prone to making delicious food and smoking at other-worldly capacities.
That derka is pretty hot, I wish she would show me her hair. Those fingers are really turning me on.

Me: Wanna get married?
Derka: Are you derka?
Me: No.
Derka: Astaghfirullah! (repenting to God)

At a restaurant: 1. Can I have some of that derka tea/coffee? 2. Those derkas are praying. 3. That man was such a dogmatic derka that he told me that I was going to hell for eating bacon.
by Reverse Stuck In January 05, 2009

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