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The practice of eating or drinking while lying down, usually on the belly or resting on one elbow, after the manner of the anciet Greeks and Romans.
Since I am usually too lazy (or hung over) to get out of bed in the morning, I have perfected the art of accubation.
by Reverend Sunday March 10, 2006
The morning after too much whiskey and Guinness.
I was bleary in class this morning.
by Reverend Sunday November 19, 2004
The seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects.
A great example of Resistentialism:

"Christ, the dumb insolence of inanimate objects! He could never understand what was 'in it' for inanimate objects, behaving as they did. What was 'in it' for the doorknob that hooked your jacket as you passed? What was 'in it' for the jacket pocket?" --Martin Amis, "The Information
by Reverend Sunday March 10, 2006

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