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A Lance Corpral in the United States Marine Corp. He has lived such a bad ass life that no story can ever compair to his.
He has been charged by still living deer shot through the heart, carried down a mountian on its antlers only to slice its throght meer feet from his truck. Had a RBI of .600 and a average of 60 homeruns with a pitching speed of 85mph durring his high school career. His great genetics come from his father who once challenged a cop to a duel. The cop unloaded a full clip at his father with no hit. Then Claymore Cliff's father shot off the cops hat. His father also cut a den of babie spider out from under his skin that had hatched there. WARNING: DO NOT FUCK WITH CLIFF OR HIS FAMILY
"Claymore Cliff once caught a RPG with his bare hands."

"Cliff Dog benches two humvees, the gym just isen't big enough for him.
by Retard(1-4) August 30, 2008

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