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Hick is a word to describe a very specific group of low class, southern whites. Hicks are racist, homophobic, stupid as fuck, and are ALWAYS ignorant ass Christians that will shove their beliefs down your throat whenever they get the chance.

hicks are most commonly racist against blacks and latinos, but more often then not they just hate anyone that's not white. they also hates gays because "yawll no dat Gawd mayddit Adum nd Eeve nawt Adum nd Steeve yawll". They are almost completely uneducated, and usually dropped out in the 8th or 9th grade.

They are all extremely religious. Now normally, there would not be anything wrong with that, but these people really overdue it. A hick would actually disown their child for not being religious or the same religion they were raised with. A hick takes the Bible LITERALLY and will actually turn the other cheek in the name of science because it "goes against God". Basically, these people make Christians look like huge pompous ass holes.

Not all people that live in the South are like this. Want to know how to stay away from them? DON'T GO TO THE SOUTH! (Unless you're visiting a major city, of course)
Hick: Yawll are crayyyzee, Ah aint kum frum no munkeeez!
Educated Person: Actually, there is scientific evidence that proves humans evolved from previous species of ape before us.
Hick: Ah dun buhleev in any o' dat Science sheeeit. Thass gone againnst JEsus Kraaaast.
Educated Person: ....You're not too bright, are you?

Damn hicks
by Representin Philly 215 January 09, 2010

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