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1. n. A person who lets old, outgrown, or unworn clothing accumulate in their closet over time, resulting in a mass amounts of clutter in their closet.

2. n. A person who suffers from clothes hoarder syndrome. This disorder causes people to fear getting rid of useless clothing. This fear is derived from the irrational belief that their clothes may still be worn or needed in the future.
Jimmy: Man, I must have like 30 shirts just sitting in my closet that I don't wear. Some even still have the tags on them from last year.

Mike: You are a clothes hoarder.
by RepoDepo January 01, 2011
n. The act of rummaging through one's closet for the purpose of getting rid of old, unwanted, or unworn clothing, thus freeing up space.

A closet cleanse is triggered by having way, way too many clothes that have either accumulated due to outgrowth (see clothes hoarder) or being a clothes whore.

One must consider performing a closet cleanse if it takes more than 5 seconds to find one's preferred shirt.
The number of shirts in my closet went from about 73 to 9 after I did a closet cleanse.
by RepoDepo January 01, 2011

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