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Adjective: ~por-sil-lin ~: Anything that is both absolutely unacceptable and completely ridiculous, simultaneously.

A homophone of porcelain, 'Poorcillin' is a compound of the words poor (as in weak/not good enough/below par) and cillin (as in silly/ludicrous/unbelievable) and should only be used with great care, as to find anything that can truly be described as such is a rare moment in time.

Extensions: Poorcill, Poorcillinous, Poorcillinical, Poorcillinity, Poorcillinology, Poorcillinophobia.
Me: "Pdex just snoozled a line of wonk as long and as wide as my middle finger... POORCILLIN mate, he'll be drooling for hours!"

Rich: "hmmmm... yeah.. that's POORCILLIN."
by Renz0 January 11, 2011
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