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Name of an amzing anime about tennis. Sometimes referred to as PoT.
I was watching PoT all weekend

(no i was not watchinig a drug all weekend, I was watching Prince of Tennis -_-)
by Renji-sama March 15, 2006
A group of girls and sometimes guys that help rally the crowds at football games and other sports events. The cheerleaders can be very good friend, and others can be very mean, just like anyother group of people. Many cheerleaders though, don't think very highly of the band and colorguard, and make fun of us. While I'll admit that I would have trouble doing a back handspring and such things, they should really give us more credit. Alot cheerleaders say that spinning flags is easy. Most have never even touched so they shoulden't talk.
Did you see those cheerleaders' poms? They were pretty cool.

That cheerleader over there said that she could do my toss better than me. I let her try and the flag smacked her in the face.
by Renji-sama April 03, 2006

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