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A budget sport touring bike that often is underrated by the sportbike crowd as being a "girly" bike for having a top speed of around 130. Also mentioned by a few magazines as the best bang for your buck bike.
Hey, did you see the SV650 avaliable for 3500? Was thinkin of picking it up to use for longer trips cause my R6 kills my back after 30 minutes.
by Ren Driver October 04, 2006
The mp3 player being developed by Microsoft and Toshiba that will probably be the mp3 player to give Apple a run for their money. Some ridicule it for the sole reason of it carrying Microsoft's name.
It is also the mp3 player that quickly brings out the inner immature nature of half of the ipod loving crowd who seem to often have to buy multiple ipods because of them breaking.
"Hey, did you hear of that new mp3 player being made by Microsoft? The zune I think it's called. It's gunna totally suck and crash all the time."
"Umm, you know that the main reason Windows crashes at times is because of the sheer amount of hardware compatibility it needs to have, which from that many drivers avaliable the chance of conflict is much higher."
"Uhh...well...it's still gunna suck cause it comes in brown."
by Ren Driver October 04, 2006

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