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pronounced R-ah-bi-d

Originally it means something that has rabies; such as a dog or animal. Can be highly contagious when in contact.

Louis Pasteur discovered a cure for rabies and created a vaccine for it as well.

adjective: used as a description of an event or action that is impressive or extreme

can be used interchangeably with radical or wicked.

-when something is crazy
-when something is awesome
-when something is extreme

It can take a deep tone to a situation or act.
Scenario: Skater does a crazy trick.

"Dude, that was rabid."

"Yeah man! You gotta teach us how you did that!"

Scenario: Kid fouls a player who goes flying in the air.

"Man, when you went flying I was just hoping you'd make it out alive!"
"Yeah, I know man! It was freaken rabid!"

Scenario: Kid shows drawing to friends

"Holy Skizzles! That's rabid, man!"
"How'd you learn to draw like that?"
"Yeah man, I agree that's totally rabid."
by Remo4life September 12, 2010
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