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1 definition by Remix++

Commonly mean "OH NO!]" but in a 1337 style, "OH NOES!".

'OH NOES!' is not 'Oh noes]' or 'OH NOES]'.
Can also bee OH NOEZ!], Oh noez!], OH NOOEEZZ!].

The L33T] ways to write it:
• 0|-| |\|035
• 0H n0€zzz!
• ºh nº€z!

Example 1
Dickisson: OH NOES!!
Pussysson: What?
Dickisson: Ma gradmatha daed!!!! OH NOES!!

Example 2
1337 Hax0r: h3y nub wzzupp!"31?? ma speedxx R0'x da houzze!
Noob: OH NOES! A hacker!! BAN HIM!
Pro Player -AK-47]- 1337 Hax0r
1337 Hax0r: 0H n0€zzz! hi haxxxxx 2!!!!
by Remix++ September 01, 2009