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3 definitions by Remedy 3.0

A slang way to say a player. In saying Hazel eyed you're stating his or her (but most commonly a male) attractiveness. And say pit is short for pitbull- you're calling this person a dog.
Keisha: Dang Jay is looking fine tonight
Queeda: Na, that boy ain't nothing but a hazel eyed pit, did you hear what he did to Melissa? Got in her panties then tried to talk to her cousin.
by Remedy 3.0 March 06, 2010
Someone who does something stupid or lame. Alsoo another way to say someone is gay.
1. Two men riding in the car listening to "Oops I Did It Again" <- those are fuzzynuts.

2. Lawerence: OooO look at the dudes butt...
Morris: You're a fuzzynut

3. Lawerence: Man, I was watching the porno and I WISH i could have a d**k like that guy!!!
Morris: Maaannnn.... I'm not saying you GAY, but that SOUNDS gay.... You a fuzzynut or something??
by Remedy 3.0 October 02, 2010
Also called the "Once Over". The one two is when someone looks you up and down to judge one you in some way or another. Mostly you get this look from a hater or someone trying to size you up.
(Walking through the mall)

Ashley: "Hey why is that girl giving you The One Two"
Remedy: "I think its because she sees my new Jordans."
by Remedy 3.0 December 06, 2009