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1. Not Much Information, as contrasted with "TMI" or too much information.
2. To be short-changed or slighted due to sloppy service or poor design.
1. I'm afraid our company cannot hire you because of resume NMI.
2. I tried to return that carton of sour milk, but the register at Peblix had run out of ink. NMI, there was no proof that I'd bought that nasty stuff!
by Reliable Guide September 09, 2010
A. When you unconsciously plagiarize an urban dictionary slang, a song, or a concept; exhaustively search the databases to confirm that your's is indeed the original, and publish said slang, song, or concept prematurely.

B. To coin a new synonym.
1. Did you really think that idiot who thought "logocop" was her/his own creation stood a chance against the venerable "logo gestapo"? Retractuncle that @#!@

2. to moderate is the the retractuncle of to calm down.
by Reliable Guide September 07, 2010
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