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Combination of fap and fanboy. Specifically, this refers to fanboys who routinely turn their favorite hawt female characters into side dishes.
"Evangelion" fandom is notorious for its hordes of Rei and Asuka fapboys.
by Reichu August 25, 2005
(1) The intense opposition of the phenomenon of shipping.
(2) A strong opposition to a particular character pairing.

n. anti-shipper: One who anti-ships.

v. anti-ship: To anti-ship.
(1) After suffering through 700 shipping threads on anime forums, I finally gave into temptation and initiated an anti-shipping campaign. But the shippers bitched so much that those asshat admins banned me for trolling.

(2) Why aren't there more Shinji/Rei anti-shippers? That relationship is wrong on SO many levels.
by Reichu September 12, 2005
Alternate spelling for Über-Pimp.
"Uber-Pimp" is easier to type than "Über-Pimp".
by Reichu May 28, 2005
Noun. The 'smile' of a canine, open-mouthed and accompanied by panting, avid tail-wagging, and a flapping tongue.

Verb. To smile (applies to canines only).
Whenever I arrive home from work, my dogs greet me with wagging tails and larfing faces.
by Reichu May 11, 2005
A virgin. Doesn't matter which sex.
"Oh, man! I got hawt poontang last night like you wouldn't believe!"
"Yuh-huh. You're a cherry pie and everyone knows it."
by Reichu August 30, 2005

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