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Also known as an 'Overclocker'. These people spend vast amounts of cash on computer components, perspex computer cases, and silent fans. Typically a male persuit for those who don't own a car which they can customise. Their computer must be made to run, silently, quickly, lit up like a football stadium.
saddo dude: "Man dig this - when i flick the power button this babe runs so smooth and quiet you can hear a mouse farting in Bejing. Its got enough cooling power to freeze a whale's balls off, and it runs so fast that I've sorted out all the processing for S.E.T.I."

cool guy: "Have you got a girlfriend yet? Man, you Hardware Dandy types should get out more often"
by Regis Bognor February 07, 2006
A Software Dandy is someone who has all the latest games and cool software just to show-off. They have a huge number of non-pirated games and "killer apps" and they will never let anyone borrow from them.
A) "Wow! has that guy got a load of software I want, or WHAT ? I bet he's some kind of games wizard !"

b) "Jeez, he's just a Software Dandy - and he knows jack about any of them games"
by Regis Bognor February 07, 2006
An erection, or a boner.
"Yes darling, you know I really love you, now take hold of this plump chicken and stroke it till it clucks"
by Regis Bognor February 07, 2006
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