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a sexually transmitted disease that is contracted by either having sex or getting too comfortable with someone named Cliff. In rare cases, people have contracted the disease by merely sitting on his bed. Side effects include hatred for the particular Cliff and an intensified gag reflex when around anything that brings up memories of said Cliff. Sadly, there is no clue for the disease, but it is not able to be passed on by anyone except someone named Cliff.
I slept in Chris' roommate's bed last night and got Cliffilis.
by Reginald VanDeKamp April 20, 2008
Used as a substitute for 'mother fucking'.
That rubber duckin idiot wrecked my car
by Reginald VanDeKamp March 10, 2009
A residential town in upstate New York, Queensbury is often thought of as the rich town. However, most of its residents don't know anything about class. Fashion is 3 months behind that of New York City, and the closest many people will get to luxury is going to Lake George in the summer where real wealth exsists. Most people in Queensbury have never seen an Acura before and think that Mercedes-Benzes/Audis/BMWs are ficticious. The idea that Queensbury is a wealthy town is brought on by the blue collar workers of Finch-Pruyn and Boston Scientific that make up the majority of Glens Falls
outsider: My mom just bought a new 750Li

queensbury person: Yeah? Well at least my mom's Geo Metro is an actual car.
by Reginald VanDeKamp April 20, 2008

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