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1) Any person who attempts a long distance sailing venture who either can not sail or attempts the long distance voyage on an unseaworthy POS(piece of shit). When Reidtards leave the dock, they usually step right into the Green Room at the Darwin Awards.

2) One who makes a blatantly stupid move whilst sailing and/or racing a sailboat.
That guy who built a boat with crap he bought at Home Depot and expects to sail it around the world is a real Reidtard.

The right side of the course was so favored, anyone who went left is Reidtarded.
by Regatta Dog February 17, 2008
Blind supporter of Reid Stowe and his Mars anal love voyage.
You really think....dude, turn away from NASCAR for one minute....you really think NASA gives a shit? Grab me a beer out of the fridge ya fucking Hoviot.
by Regatta Dog January 03, 2009
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