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Many words come to mind but only few can be chosen to describe a Priscilla. Intelligent. Elegant. Gorgeous. Funny. She has a beautiful laugh that will keep you awake at night. a precious personality. a face that will stay in your mind for the rest of your life. A mellifluous voice. beautiful brown/black hair. Strong. Kind. Serious. Loving. Independent. Faithful. Down right sexy. A Priscilla is a man's dream woman. Her attention can be hard to get but if you get her to fall in love with you, please don't be stupid and let her get away. Priscilla's love attention but not in a bad way. not super high maintenance but should be treated like a queen to make up for the loyalty and love she provides. show her that you care because if you ignore her she will feel hurt and unwanted and eventually she will move on So don't treat her like shit. If a man is willing to treat her right and make her laugh and please her in every way, he will find happiness. She is also a party animal. The life of the party. Usually a very nice girl but when she gets wild at a party. Just another plus to the big win.
Jay- I've found my Priscilla! I'm set for life.
Andy- Lucky SOB!!!!!!!
by Reezagunzt December 17, 2010

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