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The phenomenon in which one's consumption of alcohol makes physically impossible feats seem attainable. Often associated with the phrases "Hey, watch this!" and "Dude, check this out."
Man 1: "Hey, what's Brian doing on the roof?"
Man 2: "He's going to try doing a back flip into the pool..."
Man 1 & 2: "Beer wings."
by Reelbigbear April 13, 2011
In sports this is the act of waving your arms wildly whilst falling to create the illusion of a collision more intense than reality. This act is done to induce a foul call or infraction by the referee on the opposing team's player.
Donald Sloan went to the floor in a heliflopter and became one of the first players to be officially identified as a flopper by the NBA
by reelbigbear November 06, 2012

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