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1 definition by Redstonefreedom

A troll, is an artform at best, a shitty way to amuse oneself, (while pissing off others), at worst. One who performs a troll, is also called a troll, and is also used as a verb, "to troll."

While many, nearly all, people have tried their hand at trolling, many never attain the level of true trolling, while participating at a lesser activity that is similar to trolling, yet has been deemed 'bashing'.

The finer and more essential requirements of true trolling include satire, subtlety, grammar, and poetic structure.

"Bashers," however, can be identified (and mocked) for their lack of education, insecurity, and nasty vices. Most often 'bashers' will have bad taste, as well as bad breath.

Due to bashers, trolls have had to endure much criticism, but as of lately have gained respect due to their wit and sheer talent. J

Just as their fairy-tale counterparts have done before, protecting fairy-tales from gay and childish characters, shenanigans and stories, trolls of Teh Interwebz act as a safeguard to web society, protecting it from dumb, unintelligent, boring and unreputable content.
"Haha did you see Anthony's facebook post last night? He totally thought Max liked Rick Perry also."

"Haha yea, Max trolled him so hard. I would bet Anthony doesn't even realize Max was embarrassing him."
by Redstonefreedom November 21, 2011
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