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2 definitions by Red Skye

A racist Internet hate rag, which glorifies black criminals who victimize white people. These criminals include the convicted murderers of debutante Jennifer Ross, as well as well-known murderer OJ Simpson. Also celebrated in this hate rag is Jacob 7 Ali or Yacub 7 Ali who thinks he is a profit and that black people can and do cause skin cancer in white people simply by staring at them.
If Svengali Media were available in print form, I don't think it would even be fit for lining bird cages. My birds would probably sue me for mental stress if they had to look at and crap on that. I know they would never be able to love again.
by Red Skye January 12, 2007
A racist, black, hate monger who teaches that black people can and do cause cancer in whites with their eyes. Also known as Jacob 7 Ali.
Why doesn’t Waldorf get a life and get a job? Oh. I forgot. He has go to a Yacub 7 Ali seminar today so that he can keep the local dermatologists busy. Isn’t there a law against too many racist wankers gathering in one place at the same time?. Surely, there must be some Federal environmental regulation against it, right?
by Red Skye January 12, 2007