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The sensation one feels when their mouth begins to salivate and fill with spit, after having had too much to drink. This is then usually followed by vomiting, however some can fight it off. Either way, you'll be spittin'.
Bro #1: "Yo dude, take down that shot!"

Bro #2: "Can't do it man, I've got spitty mouth."
by Red Man July 09, 2012
The act of a certain franchise, becoming worse. This usually is followed by a decrease in popularity aswell as further depletion of customers or fans.

(see Mark Sanchez)
Lets get out of here it's turning into a sanchize
by Red Man January 16, 2011
Said when something funny is announced or a cake that happens to laugh at you when you are about to eat it.
Boy 1: haha thats funny
Boy 1: happy birthday, eat your cake!
Boy 2: mm..
Boy 2: OH SHIT!!
by red man October 26, 2007

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