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Taking out a loan that is so inexplicably difficult to pay off that it causes one to realize that the only relief from the burden of the debt is suicide. This is most common in the case of student loans because many idealistic and naive college students take out loans thinking it is a solid investment in their future. Many students find themselves unable to find a job that makes it feasible to pay off their student loans in a timely manner if they even find a job at all due to the current economic situation. Though in most cases this only comes as a circumstance of poor planing, a suicide loan could also be premeditated. A suicide loan could be taken out by someone looking to make the most of their last days alive knowing they won't be able to and won't have to pay the loan off.
"I thought I was making a solid investment in my future by taking out student loans so that I could go to college and get a degree in literature. Now it's been a year since I graduated, I can't find a job for what I went to school for and I'm still working a minimum wage job. I'm in $120,000 worth of debt and I feel that I will be in debt for the rest of my life. I feel I have no other option to get rid of this debt. I never knew when I signed on that dotted line I was taking out a suicide loan."
by Red E. Todye May 14, 2013
An abnormally large Vagina.
This chick I met the other night was hot but when she got naked I realized that she had a Vagiantna, she was so big I could fit two fists in there so I had to ditch her.
by Red E. Todye April 07, 2008
A woman who isn't technically a prostitute by legal terms, but is known to have unromantic sex only with men who shower her in gifts, meals, and other things of monetary value, therefore indirectly having sex for money.
I'd rather have a prostitute than a de facto whore because you don't have to pay prostitutes until after sex, thus ensuring you get laid.
by Red E. Todye August 22, 2009
1.Recipient of numerous anal partners.
2. In simple terms, a bottom.
3.Relating to sodomy
4.A town in North Carolina, possibly home to a large homosexual population.
That girl is a total meatcamp. She's had more weiners than a New York hotdog stand.
by Red E. Todye October 10, 2012
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