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falling asleep or passing out with a full alcoholic beverage in your hand and spilling it all over yourself
I woke up soaking wet after pulling a Weaver.
by Red D February 05, 2008
Alcoholic fans of the Florida Gators.
- Who drank all the Natty Light?
- Some retarded swamp goblin with jean shorts who wasn't even invited to the party.
by Red D April 02, 2008
What comes out of a prepubescent child when he attempts to masturbate.
When I was 7 I jerked off but all that came out was a little pee pee wad.
by Red D March 19, 2008
A person who thinks they are 'tha shit' but really they are just a piece of shit.
-Dave thinks he's such a pimp, but he doesn't even have a job.

-Yeah, he's such a bragamuffin.
by Red D May 12, 2009
A ridiculously stout alcoholic mixed drink made with 10 oz. of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 2 oz. of Coca-Cola® Classic, and lots of ice. Most commonly consumed by alcoholics while watching Phil Mickelson win the Masters.
- Dude, did you see the Masters?
- Sort of. I drank four Beam Mickelsons and passed out after Tiger double-bogied 13. What happened?
- Dude...
by Red D April 02, 2008
Air pollution in major cities that prevent people from seeing the stars at night and sometimes from seeing the sun during the day.
I couldn't see the lunar eclipse last night because I live under the death cloud in L.A.
by Red D April 14, 2008
Standstill traffic that pisses you off because you could have gone a different way. Referring especially to cities with ridiculous amounts of traffic like Atlanta and L.A.
-Why were you late?
-Because I got stuck in the shitfuck on the 405.
by Red D April 14, 2008
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