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For those fucking idiots above me that don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

First of all, use proper english you stupid bitches. You make fun of Guam having a bad educational system, that's because we don't need all the fancy barney-based shit you little bitches do. We make do with what we got, and we're grateful.

Second of all, Guam is an island in the Pacific Ocean that is an unincorporated U.S. Territory (not a fucking third-world colony or some big base, dumbasses) We are a culture of pride that is not "based on the color of our skin, but on the content of our character" (for those of you that don't know, that's Martin Luther King Jr.) We all have pride for our island, our multiple ethnicities, and our people as a whole.

Third, for those of you dumbfucks that think Guam is ungrateful to the military, try taking an actual fucking look. Guam has one of the highest, if not the highest, percentages relating to the population and the number who are serving in the armed forces. (for the record, we make you guys look like pussies, even the women can kick your asses because unlike most places, martial arts has become the unspoken sport of the island. Crime is a common occurrence anywhere, we don't beat our wives as much as you stateside pussies do. We respect our women here. )
Part 1 "Guam's Perspective"
by Recruit P-Rez (Chamoru) March 24, 2010
Nicknames: Chaud isn't what the locals are referred to. Chaud is a more of an inside joke that you need to be from Guam to fully understand. We don't call filipinos "Faubs" they are "FOBs". That's also a joke we have because we're not all stuck up assholes that take being politically correct too seriously and are so sensitive as to sue over it. We're cool like that. Chamorros are only the indigenous. Guamanians are everyone who has made Guam their home. Haulies (or Haolies) acts as both a joke and a label. It means "No Breath." The reason is because white people have almost no culture affiliated with the breathing, inhaling, or exhaling of the essence of the wise and the revered. If you don't get it, ask a chamorro, a filipino, new zealander, etc.

Our island loves food. We aren't gluttonous, but we can all appreciate a good meal. Spam isn't poor food. The reason spam is so widely eaten is because back during WWII, spam was pretty much the first real food we had after being captured by the Japanese. Our people were forced to eat a bowl of rice per family a day. When spam was introduced to the island, it was appreciated, and still is to this day. That and our island knows how to cook. Just because most people in the mainland don't know how to appreciate perfectly good food because they are too lazy to even try eating something effort is required for.
Part 3 "Guam's Perspective"
by Recruit P-Rez (Chamoru) March 24, 2010
As for our government, we have good politicians, and we also have bad. Not unlike any other government. If you show me a body of government that isn't corrupt in some way, then you can spout shit about ours. Look at yourselves before you open your fucking mouth.

As for the people, we are a multi-culturally diverse island. We do not all look like "chubby filipinos." Just because we are dark due to our location doesn't mean we're all from the PI. Some of us our, some of us aren't. And don't spout shit about us being chubby or overweight or anything because most of our population is in good physical condition. We eat three staples of starch a meal sometimes, and we're still not as overweight as americans. And for the record, we're a considerate people. We take care of one another and aren't self-centered assholes.

The indigenous people (Chamoru, or Chamorro) are originally a matrilineal society. We respect our women and treat them as women deserve to be treated. Although we hold them in higher regard to ourselves, they are mostly independent and hardworking.
Part 2 "Guam's Perspective"
by Recruit P-Rez (Chamoru) March 24, 2010

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