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2 definitions by Recognizing champions

The first boxer to defeat Muhammad Ali. After personally asking Richard Nixon to give Ali his boxing license back. Frazier beat Ali at Madison Square Gardens in 1971 in "The Fight of the Century" which made Ali bitter and turned against his friend. He himself lost the title in 2 rounds in Kingston, Jamaica to underdog George Foreman.
Joe Frazier is the Greatest of All Time.
by Recognizing champions December 23, 2010
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Rubens Barichello is a brazilian formula One racing driver. As it currently stands he has raced in 36% of all Formula one races but only gained 11 wins and 68 podium finishes. He spend 2000-2005 in Michael Schumachers shadow and at times being forced to let his "team mate" win. His debút in F1 was at the 1993 South African GP and has been racing since. Ayrton Senna considered him his protége whilst he looked at him as an idol. He has never won a World Championship but has finished 2nd twice (2002, 2004) and 3rd twice (2001,2009).
Rubens Barichello is one of those drivers with amazing talent but a lack of support. Give him the fastest car on the grid and i guarantee he would win every race.
by Recognizing champions March 26, 2011
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