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A main character from the Saw movie series who beat the odds by sheer force of will, determination and above all a ridiculous amount of win by surviving jigsaws final trap to kill him thus negating the cycle.

From then on whenever the odds are beaten by sheer force and a good amount of win Mark Hoffman must be declared. He negates any chance of failure if done quick enough.
Guy 1: You just Lost the Game
Guy 2: Nope Mark Hoffman!
Guy 1: SHIT! >.<


Girl: You got me pregnant! You better pay.
Guy: Nope Mark Hoffman!
Girl: Fuck! You don't have to pay child support


Girl: *Sips Drink*
Guy: Ha there were ruffies in there!
Girl: Nope Mark Hoffman!
Guy: Shit! They don't work now.
by Reckless Dragon November 10, 2009

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