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A city located in Connecticut in New Haven County. People here think they're Sh*t doesn't stink because they can afford to live here. Milford is now named in the top 100 most expensice towns in Connecticut to live in.

Milford was currently named in the Top 10 cities in the USA for teens to grow up in. Too bad this is the most drug worthy town you'll ever visit.

If you can move past the pre-pubescent drug abusers, the town is pretty cool. We have:

-Two Taco Bell's
-Three McDonalds
-Westfield Shoppintown Mall measured as just over .5 mile long due to renovations
-An in-mall theatre
-Wanda's Sugar Shack
-Two public high schools and Milford Alternative Education which had recently been name-changed to Milford Academy.

-Devon, Woodmont, and the Green also known as DownTown. These are the bouroughs of Milford.
-Wal*Mart, K*Mart, Ocean State Job Lot and a GoodWill.
-Several Psychics
-Twenty Three nail salons.
-Shoprite, Stop and Shop, and Xpect Discounts.

Nicknames for this town are:
A city in which young children tamper with illegal paraphanalia.

Milford, CT.
by Rebel Rav3r May 27, 2009

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