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McSleuthburger, noun: describes someone who is skilled in surprising others either with unexpected actions or with peculiar facts about him/her-self.

McSleuthburgered, verb: to be McSleuthburgered is to be suddenly or mysteriously surprised or injured.
If you are good at tricking or surprising people, you may feel the urge to randomly declare: "I am the real McSleuthburger!"

If you have genuinely surprised someone (i.e. a prank), you will want to shout: "You've just been McSleuthburgered!"
by RebekahDaySings January 24, 2011
Noun, synonym for PIZZA, the most amazing food experience EVER.

Pronounced "in-er-gee-ON-doe."
'Dude! You wanna go get some energyondough?!?"
by RebekahDaySings January 24, 2011
Generally, a friendly nickname given to a person who's stature is under 4'10" and is of Irish decent, or at least has naturally reddish hair.
A term to describe a person who is, or could possibly be, half hobbit and half leprechaun.
Billy said to Bob, "I know this girl who's really short and has red hair, so I nicknamed her "Hobbrechaun." She thought it was really clever."
Bob asked, "What's a 'hobbrechaun?'"
Billy rolled his eyes. "Don't you get it? Half hobbit, half leprechaun. Duh."
Bob thought for a minute. "Oh.... Ha ha! I get it! That IS clever."
by RebekahDaySings February 03, 2010

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