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4 definitions by RebekahDaySings

McSleuthburger, noun: describes someone who is skilled in surprising others either with unexpected actions or with peculiar facts about him/her-self.

McSleuthburgered, verb: to be McSleuthburgered is to be suddenly or mysteriously surprised or injured.
If you are good at tricking or surprising people, you may feel the urge to randomly declare: "I am the real McSleuthburger!"

If you have genuinely surprised someone (i.e. a prank), you will want to shout: "You've just been McSleuthburgered!"
by RebekahDaySings January 24, 2011
Noun, synonym for PIZZA, the most amazing food experience EVER.

Pronounced "in-er-gee-ON-doe."
'Dude! You wanna go get some energyondough?!?"
by RebekahDaySings January 24, 2011
Generally, a friendly nickname given to a person who's stature is under 4'10" and is of Irish decent, or at least has naturally reddish hair.
A term to describe a person who is, or could possibly be, half hobbit and half leprechaun.
Billy said to Bob, "I know this girl who's really short and has red hair, so I nicknamed her "Hobbrechaun." She thought it was really clever."
Bob asked, "What's a 'hobbrechaun?'"
Billy rolled his eyes. "Don't you get it? Half hobbit, half leprechaun. Duh."
Bob thought for a minute. "Oh.... Ha ha! I get it! That IS clever."
by RebekahDaySings February 03, 2010
Man Hug (adj): an enfolding, friendly (completely platonic) embrace from a man/guy to a woman/ girl.

Given at the right time, a man hug will often markedly brighten a woman's day.
A "girl to girl" hug is usually less effective.
When a woman is particularly "blue," she sometimes, upon seeing a (male) friend, will smile widely and nearly jump into his arms for a man hug, throwing her arms around his neck to bring him to a more comfortable height. The man should squeeze tightly (not too tight!) and put his chin on her shoulder. Soft, contented chuckling from both is normal.
Susie said to Sally, "I'm feeling kind of down today, I could use a nice Man Hug."
Woman: "Oh, look! It's James!" skips over to him with a broad smile and throws her arms around his neck.
See also: embrace, glomp.
by RebekahDaySings December 20, 2009