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A superior and more mellifluous way of saying "tasty" that originated from typos of said word.
Ignore the other definition about a hubristic dullard, and say it out loud - it's catchy!
Leticia: Strawberries are tatsy
Monty: Baha - rabbit food I say! Now, chocolate trifle is tatsy... er, tatsier

Ramsay: That is one fine tatsy ass!
by Rebecca Rocker February 22, 2008
A milktache/delightfully white is the white line you get above your lip (around the philtrum area) after having imbibed milk.
A milktache does not always occur if careful, but may be inconspicuous to the person with it until someone points it out quite amusedly.
Magnus, a well-educated man with an aquiline nose and cleft chin, walked into the room of academics to have Isla point out his delightfully white milktache.
by Rebecca Rocker December 09, 2007

1. Noun. Shortened form of Dermot Murnaghan - an English Devon-born news presenter associated with the BBC and Sky News.

2. Verb. To speak and (inadvertently or intentionally) put large amounts of emphasis on around half of the words.

//Dermaghan; Dermaghaner, Dermaghanist, Dermaghanise, Dermaghaning
1. Leticia: Who's that chap who did Eggheads?
Irving: Dermaghan...

2. Julius, the History teacher: Now TODAY CLASS we WILL be doing a STARTER to get us up and READY FOR work. You will HAVE TO GUESS which prominent HISTORICAL figure I AM. Ahem. "It IS true that LIBERTY is PRECIOUS; so precious THAT it MUST BE RATIONED."

Alice, sniggering to comrade: Geez Isla, was it the guy who baptised the baby off the Vicar of Dibley?
by Rebecca Rocker November 28, 2007
'Lembit' taken from Lembit Opik, Liberal Democrat.
To do with the world being wiped out by meteorites or any other space-related destruction.
Lembit; lembitted.
Person 1: Whoa! d'you see that meteor coming at us??!
Person 2: Oh man we're gonna get lembitted!
by Rebecca Rocker June 28, 2006
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