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A strange, malicious and supremely homo-erotic act perpetrated by teenagers in a certain Cleveland, OH all-boy academy. A boner smash involves one teenager quickly extending a sharp thrusted hand into the erect penis of another while shouting "BONER SMASH!!!!"

This puzzling action has recently come under much scrutiny:

Why would a person be walking around with a visible hard-on at an all boys school?
What would compel one to want to touch, much less mangle, another person's engorged unit?

Boner smashing can be viewed as a more extreme, and more questionable, version of "Nut Tapping," another Cleveland phenomenon.

Many surmise that this action is a strong confirmation of the supreme gayety of all parties involved.

ex. "Hey, there's S-Petro. A boner? NICE!! I'll take care of that!"
*walks over to S-Petro*
*sharply thrusts outstretched palm into S-Petro's groin, S-Petro doubles over and groans, effete laughter ensues*
by Real Heady Krizlo September 27, 2005
A southern Ohio term for a slutty girl.
Damn Sarah give good head. She's a dank slizzard.
by Real Heady Krizlo September 29, 2005
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