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The preparation and performance of a hartybomb requires two things; A pool noodle with a hole through the middle, and a beer (must be in a bottle). One person must stand on a elavated surface and insert the drinking end of the beer bottle in the hole. Another peson will be below and place their mouth on the other end of the noodle. When initiated the beer holder will turn the bottle upside down-pouring the beer through the hole down to the bottom person who will be chugging the beer. Basicly it is Beer bong with the use of a noodle, and no funnel required. This technique was originated in Sydneham county, and created by Tommy K.
Phil: Man hartman just killed that hartybomb

Zach: No shit, I gotta do up a hartybomb

Brennan: Are you sure that noodle is sanitary!
by Raztastic Voyage July 21, 2009
Very similar to a gold digger, but with one key difference. A party digger uses men to get to parties. This manipulation may include making men having parties, making the man drive them to a party, or drinking another man's alcohol. Men can be party diggers too, but it is usually to a lesser extent.
Zach: Damn man, That girl Tammy is a mad party digger.

Joel: I know, just last week she sucked my dick for a ride out to Jake's party. And she drank all my liquor.

Kanye: True dat dogs, but I aint saying she a party digger, but she ain't fucking with no loser niggers.
by Raztastic Voyage August 18, 2010
A girl can trick any man into hooking up with her, even if she is not very attractive. She is at her strongest when alcohol is present within the enviorment.
Doug: Noooo way man you didnt hook up with her again?

Garret: Man that ho be a penis fly trap!
by Raztastic Voyage September 26, 2009

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