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6 definitions by Raz Egerton

A another word to use for a good lookin' female
She's well tasty
She's a bit tasty
by Raz Egerton January 13, 2004
A work for a really good looking girl, somebody you would really like to hump are humpalicious.
Wow she's a bit humpalicious
by Raz Egerton January 12, 2004
The place where gays get together to endure the gay games of docking and hide the sausage.
"Hi Tim, want to come down to the dock yard?"
by Raz Egerton February 01, 2004
The plural for docking and the dockyard
mass dockage in the dockyard
by Raz Egerton February 01, 2004
A camels forskin!!!

So just think about that americans!
"Oi! shut da f*** up! i ain't no camels forskin!"
by Raz Egerton February 04, 2004
Another word for anal sex by men for men
"wanna game of hide hte sausage?"
by Raz Egerton February 01, 2004