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When you smoke shit or bomb, you blow some fat ass clouds. You do it so much, so good, and so big that your a veteran to the smoking game cuz it ain't even funny mayn. Hot boxing a car and derrs hella smoke you cant tell whether its night or day. Dats sum VC's
Smokin shit and making dem white puffy clouds.
by Ray Ulatan February 09, 2005
Established in September 8, 2003 when two young hopefulls found love who were Ray Ulatan and Valerie Rose Cadag
Ray Anthony Milanes Ulatan & Valerie Rose Lastrella Tolosa Cadag
by Ray Ulatan February 09, 2005
Dat is da filipino term for shit A.K.A. crystal methanphetamine.
A cuz! You got dat shaboo so I can fuck and be up like a muthafucka!
by Ray Ulatan February 09, 2005

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