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The game Roshambox was invented as a female Roshambo equivalent. Though instead of using this game to settle disputes it is used mostly in a playful manner. Any impact with the Vagina is counted in the game. Feet are not allowed. Stealth is key, if a boxer is detected in boxing position the intended boxee recieves one free box.

There is a point scoring system (this is only an example rubric):

Slap = 1 point
Upper Cut = 3 points
Knuckle Sangwich = 5 points
Wrap Around = 8 points
Between the Legs = 9 points
Headbutt = 10 points
Girl 1: "Why is Ashley on the floor clutching her cooter?"

Girl 2: "Because I just gave her a Knuckle Sangwich!"

Girl 1: "Roshambox baby; five points!"

(Both girls enjoy a high-five)
by Ray J November 15, 2006

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