24 definitions by RawrItsPanda

The way you pronounce "Fail."

People use this phrase to try to be funny, unaware that it just makes them look like an asshole.
Guy 1: PHAYEL!
Guy 2: Dude. No.
by RawrItsPanda November 12, 2009
A guy who killed his mom and dad because they took Halo 3 away from him.

Please people, please, don't get THIS obsessed with a fucking VIDEO GAME.
Daniel Petric is just furthering the Gamer stereotype...
by RawrItsPanda November 19, 2009
When a man is cold, and his testicles shrink so badly that they feel as small as marbles.
Guy 1: Dude, it's so cold. It has to be about 5 degrees.
Guy 2: Hah, you probably got marble balls right now.
by RawrItsPanda November 12, 2009
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