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To be victimized in the degrading, yet hilarious act, of forced anal sex from a very large man while detained or incarcerated.
Friend One- "Dude, don't get caught again."

Friend Two- "Yeah Bro- you would really be up shit creek."

Friend One- "Yeah. Larry will be giving you a human booster shot."
by Raven Von Stanswick March 20, 2008
Someone who is a complete moron
Someone who smokes nutmeg in a paste.
"That guy is a nuttmegger."
by Raven Von Stanswick March 20, 2008
To impregnate someone who is severely handicapped
Tim: "So did you hear the one-eyed, lesbian, eskimo, midget, left-handed, albino, one-legged, bald, old, girl with cerebral palsy in the wheelchair and oxygen tank is pregnant?"

Carl: "I was with her Friday night- Ultimate gimpregnate."

by Raven Von Stanswick March 20, 2008
To blow up a friends scene
Buddy 1- " So Sarah, maybe I can see you on Tuesday?"
Sarah- "I would love to."
Idiot friend- (rudely eavesdropping)
"But I though we were going to bang those two retarded underaged hemophiliac one-eyed siamese twins Bro?"

Idiot Friend kavorked the scene
by Raven Von Stanswick March 20, 2008

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