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A derriere that makes a badonkdaonk look like a pancake; firm, shapely, and pinchable. Can only be achieved through constant exercise.
It's hard to find a decent dude with a Sol-Badguy behind...
by RatchetBoo October 28, 2003
Somebody who always complains about somthething stupid, then wants the people who hate him/her to shower them with affection every time they come around. Very much like a titty-baby.
Little Wussy-kins: whiney whiney feel sorry for me1 My anus hurts.
Me: Back off ya little runt and :D(_*_) on your way out!
by RatchetBoo May 05, 2003
Seen in Stadium/GSC series of the Pokemon games, this item makes Pokemon evolve, too.
Gloom + Sun Stone= Bellossom
Sunkern + Sun Stone= Sunflora
by RatchetBoo October 19, 2003
Had good defintions, then he/she disappeared.
Their definition for shotgun was good
by RatchetBoo October 09, 2003
Inducing a female to pleasure herself.
-OMG, that new Boyzone poster is shikkerific!!!111
-LOL, yuo are teh geek!!!!111
by RatchetBoo March 31, 2003
Somebody with a big, juicy butt.
Whoa, look at J-lo! She's got a fluffy-butt!
by RatchetBoo March 30, 2003
A statement made when somebody mentions the improbable.
Lame Person Who neithers Bathes nor Thinks- Duuuhhh...so when can I get your phone number?

Me- Oh, let's see...how about when pigs fly?
by RatchetBoo June 06, 2003

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