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When a beautiful woman alters her face in a cute, goofy or otherwise wacky way by "pulling a face" (crossing her eyes, sticking out her tongue, waggling her ears, etc). Sometimes it's an awkward moment. Sometimes it's a romantic moment. sometimes it's both. Regardless, it's adorable.

Although it can momentarily interfere with her attractiveness, it does not in any way diminish it. In many ways it may even accentuate it. Thank you to Esky.
Jack: "hey babe - you're looking hot today."
Jill: "...Bllpffft" (pulls a face - drawing on a mustache)
Jack: “such a babe.”
by Raspberry Jam October 06, 2009
When two people involved in a workplace or office affair meet on the top floor of their building for a brief, but much needed, desired, and illicit midday liaison. The very top floor of many office buildings (or a portion of it) is typically not used by tenants and is reserved for the elevator machine room. It is usually only accessible by an unknown staircase, and makes a perfect hideaway for a secret office romance.
Jill: How about we take an 11th floor tailspin for lunch?

Jack: Sounds like a plan. Meet you at the stairs.

Jill: It's so dangerous! I love it!
by Raspberry Jam October 04, 2009

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