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Occurs when you are so drunk that you end up passing out ten toes up on the deck of ones house after a crazy party.
"dude, last night was wild. i got right deck slept!!!"

"man did you hear about darryl? he got deck slept after he made some couch chocolate with a girl he dirty sanchezed"
by Rasmus Hans Christianson October 23, 2011
Couch chocolate is formed when a person sits on a couch without pants on, failing to fully wipe their ass before they sit down. This results in a smelly brown patch of residue on mom's new couch, making the couch unpleasant to sit on.
"You should get a new sofa, The couch chocolate on this one makes it look like Willy Wonka's factory."
by Rasmus Hans Christianson October 23, 2011

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