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A burst of an endless range of emotions, all packed into one, crazy as fuck sound.

Can also be used as a mocking device, or a means of communication.
Person 1: Holy shit did you see that?!
Person 2: Rarararrarrarrr!!
by Rarrarr! March 10, 2003
1) Scum of the earth
2) One extremely fucked up individual
3) A sucker
4) Bastard
5) Every bad association with a person tacked into one word

See also James
Asshole: Yea man, im serious now, fucker.
Person: You're such an iswas.
by Rarrarr! March 10, 2003
The excretion of juices from James's anus.
What is that shit, reintonic?!
by Rarrarr! March 10, 2003

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