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To Marek, is to down/ chug/ skull a drink in one attempt. Used in place of "cheers" when drinking with other people. The raising of glasses is accompanied with eye contact, followed by tapping the glass on the table before drinking.
Mitch: Oi, is everyone ready?
Jimmy: Yep
Corey: Yeah
Mitch: Ok, Marek! (Raise glasses, eye contact, tap glasses on table, drink)
Jimmy: Corey you didn't Marek!
Corey: It's too cold!
by Raptor Features March 11, 2009
Someone who looks the exact same as another person (doppelganger), but who is a ranga / has red hair.
Mitch: Hey dude I saw your doppelranga the other day?
Jimmy: Really?
Mitch: Yeah, he had the fro and everything, but he was a ranga.
by Raptor Features February 02, 2010

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